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What is Yarimi University ?

Yarimi University is a forex educational program made by traders, for traders.
It consists of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of getting started with forex trading, successful strategies, and how to actually become profitable. You'll be taken from knowing nothing...''zero'' to everything...''hero''.
Yarimi University has everything covered for you. We even have complementary bonuses, such as FREE quarterly live events where you can meet Yarimi in person, gifted-funded accounts to top performing students, and much much more!

What's Included


A - Z Detailed Forex Education

The YU program is designed to teach you the fundamentals and strategies to become a profitable trader.

A - Z Detailed Forex Education

The YU program is designed to teach you the strategies and fundamentals to become a profitable trader.

Community Of Like-Minded People

Not only are you receiving the program, but also the YU community. Where you can network with other students, ask questions, and attend the weekly Sunday market breakdown calls.

Access To Free Quarterly Events

We like to give back to our students as much as we can. That’s why we decide to host quarterly events that anyone and everyone inside YU can attend for FREE.

Access To Free Quarterly Events

We like to give back to our students as much as we can. That’s why we decide to host quarterly events that anyone inside Yarimi University can attend for FREE.
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Yarimi University Curriculum

Phase 1


Everything starts off with understanding the basics. Building the foundational knowledge so you're set for the rest of your trading journey.
Phase 2

Psychology & Mindsetc

Psychology & mindset are the 2 biggest driving factors when trading the currency markets. We make sure you understand the importance of this so you set yourself up for success.
Phase 3

Trading Fundamentalsc

The key to becoming a successful trader starts with understanding the fundamentals. Here, you’ll learn the foundational knowledge in order to start off strong on your journey to success.
Phase 4

In-Depth Forex Educationc

We’ll teach you everything there is to forex trading. Providing you with 27+ video trainings around every topic of forex.
Phase 5

Weekly Live Market Breakdownsc

On Sundays, we do a live market breakdown and an overall Q & A session where every question asked gets answered.
Bonus #1

In-Person Trading Workshops & Eventsc

We do quarterly events for our students, completely for free. We hire out the venues, gift funded accounts, and even do small in-person workshops.
Bonus #2

Funded Trader Scholarship Program & Retreatsc

Top students of YU who meet certain requirements get entered into the funded scholarship program along with all expenses paid for trips to certain places around the world.
Bonus #3

150+ Hours Of
Pre-Recorded Callsc

Get access to 150+ hours of pre-recorded Sunday Market Breakdown calls. You can watch them anywhere, at anytime, and consume all the knowledge we have been dropping since Yarimi University started.
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Success Stories

"Thanks to you, I'm now $200K funded. One month later... And I was $250K+ funded on top of that."
"In 4 months, I've managed to get the strategy right, get my psychology in place and make a withdrawal."
"I've tried a lot of courses and non of them seemed to work. For this one, I did exactly as you said. Made $86K in payouts."
"Developed good habits. Provide for my family. I quit my job. Last event I became funded, now I've made $15,000 in withdrawals."
Yarimi University Event
"The discord helped me a lot. Seeing other members doing their analysis. I entered a real account and made $18K profit."
"This is not the first time the course has made me pass a funded challenge, I've passed a few times now"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Yarimi University

Yarimi University is an online educational program that teaches forex/currency trading. Made by traders for traders. We offer A-Z detailed forex education, community, and special events.

How Long Will I Have Access To Yarimi University

You'll have lifetime access to Yarimi University, all the video modules, resources, events, etc.

I Don't Have Any Experience Or Results. Is This For Me?

Not a problem at all. We have students joining Yarimi University as complete beginners with no previous knowledge or experience.

We provide you with all the information you need to succeed with forex trading, whether you’re starting off today or if you already have some knowledge about the forex trading space.

What If I Have Questions Or Get Stuck Throughout The Program?

No problem. We have 24/7 support. Discord moderators inside the community. Weekly calls on Sunday where every question asked gets answered.

If you need any specific questions answered, email

Is There A Guarantee?

No. We don't offer any guarantees. Simply because we can't guarantee any results. But we do offer the guidance and information for you to go from an absolute beginner to a funded trader.